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Professor Anthony Legon


I was born in Acton, Suffolk in 1941 but returned before the end of World War II to the east end of London, where I was educated, first at the Lawrence School (Bethnal Green) and later at the Coopers’ Company School (Mile End). I read for the BSc (Special) degree in Chemistry at UCL and conducted  doctoral research there with Jim Millen, with whom I subsequently had a long and happy research collaboration. My association with UCL continued as Turner and Newall Fellow (1968-70), Lecturer (1970-83), Reader (1983-4) and Thomas Graham Professor (1989–90) in its Chemistry Department. In 1980, I spent a productive and defining sabbatical year working in the laboratory of Willis Flygare at the University of Illinois (Champaign-Urbana). I was later Professor of Physical Chemistry at the Universities of Exeter (1984–89 and 1990–2005) and Bristol (2005 -2008).  Awards include: Tilden Lecture and Medal of the RSC (1989-90), EPSRC Senior Fellow (1997-2002), Hassel Lecturer (University of Oslo, 1997), the Harry Hallam Memorial Lecure (Swansea, 1997), the RSC Spectroscopy Award (1998-9) and Liversidge Award of the RSC (2012). I was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 2000 and I am currently Senior Research Fellow at Bristol.



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