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Publication - Professor Carmen Galan

    Lactose as a "trojan horse" for quantum dot cell transport


    Benito-Alifonso, D, Tremel, S, Hou, B, Lockyear, H, Mantell, J, Fermin, DJ, Verkade, P, Berry, M & Galan, MC, 2014, ‘Lactose as a "trojan horse" for quantum dot cell transport’. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, vol 53., pp. 810-814


    A series of glycan-coated quantum dots were prepared to probe the effect of glycan presentation in intracellular localization in HeLa and SV40 epithelial cells. We show that glycan density mostly impacts on cell toxicity, whereas glycan type affects the cell uptake and intracellular localization. Moreover, we show that lactose can act as a "Trojan horse" on bi-functionalized QDs to help intracellular delivery of other non-internalizable glycan moieties and largely avoid the endosomal/lysosomal degradative pathway.

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