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Publication - Dr Chris Russell

    Hydroboration of Phosphaalkynes by HB(C6F5)2


    Longobardi, LE, Johnstone, T, Falconer, R, Russell, C & Stephan, DW, 2016, ‘Hydroboration of Phosphaalkynes by HB(C6F5)2’. Chemistry - A European Journal, vol 22., pp. 12665 ? 12669


    The hydroboration of phosphaalkynes with Piers’ borane (HB(C6F5)2) generated unusual phosphaalkenylboranes [RCH=PB(C6F5)2]2 that persisted as dimers in both solution and the solid state. These P2B2 heterocycles underwent ring opening when subjected to nucleophiles, such as pyridine and tert-butylisocyanide, to yield monomeric phosphaalkenylborane adducts RCH=PB(C6F5)2 (L). DFT calculations were performed to probe the nature of the interaction of phosphaalkynes with boranes.

    Full details in the University publications repository