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Publication - Professor Denis Henshaw

    Aerosol charge state characterisation using an ELPI


    Matthews, JC, Wright, MD, Biddiscombe, MF, Usmani, OS & Henshaw, DL, 2011, ‘Aerosol charge state characterisation using an ELPI’. in: DM Taylor (eds) PROCEEDINGS OF THE 13TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ELECTROSTATICS: ELECTROSTATICS 2011. Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft & IOP Publishing Ltd, BRISTOL


    A new technique has been developed to measure the size distribution and charge state of highly charged aerosols using an Electrical Low Pressure Impactor (ELPI). The internal charger was switched alternately on and off and the time between stable charge states found to be similar to 10 s. The size distribution of aerosols was found when the charger was on, from which the charge distribution can be estimated when the charger is off using the current at each impactor stage. This method was tested in background conditions, when a candle was burning and when a negative air ioniser was used. The ELPI electrometers were not sensitive enough to accurately measure the charge state on background and candle air, but gave a value for air charged by an ioniser. Comparing results from the ELPI with other techniques showed inaccuracies in this method that need to be addressed before further use of this technique.

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