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Inorganic and Materials Chemistry

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Here at Bristol we have a thriving Inorganic and Materials section with a world class reputation for research and teaching.

Research in the Inorganic and Materials section has three main strands which build on its strengths as a leading international centre of molecular and materials inorganic chemistry. Research projects are available in all areas.

  • Organometallic Chemistry and Catalysis - the synthesis, spectroscopy, structure, reactivity, redox chemistry, and dynamics of organometallic complexes; their application to the catalysis of organic reactions.
  • Materials Chemistry - synthesis, characterisation and evaluation of new materials; solid state bioinorganic chemistry, biomimetic materials chemistry; biomineralization; nanoscale and composite materials; electron microscopy; crystal engineering.
  • Main Group Chemistry - new techniques in the synthesis of main group compounds; applications of these to the chemistry of materials, catalysis and destruction of pollutants.