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Publication - Professor John Bower

    Carbonylative C-C Bond Activation of Electron-Poor Cyclopropanes

    Rhodium‐Catalyzed (3+1+2) Cycloadditions of Cyclopropylamides


    Dalling, A, Yamauchi, T, McCreanor, N, Cox, L & Bower, J, 2019, ‘Carbonylative C-C Bond Activation of Electron-Poor Cyclopropanes: Rhodium‐Catalyzed (3+1+2) Cycloadditions of Cyclopropylamides’. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, vol 58., pp. 221-225


    Rh‐catalyzed carbonylative C−C bond activation of cyclopropylamides generates configurationally stable rhodacyclopentanones that engage tethered alkenes in (3+1+2) cycloadditions. These studies provide the first examples of multicomponent cycloadditions that proceed through C−C bond activation of “simple” electron poor cyclopropanes.

    Full details in the University publications repository