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Publication - Professor John Bower

    Capture–Collapse Heterocyclization

    1,3-Diazepanes by C–N Reductive Elimination from Rhodacyclopentanones


    McCreanor, N, Stanton, S & Bower, J, 2016, ‘Capture–Collapse Heterocyclization: 1,3-Diazepanes by C–N Reductive Elimination from Rhodacyclopentanones’. Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol 138., pp. 11465-11468


    Rhodacyclopentanones derived from carbonylative C-C activation of cyclopropyl ureas can be “captured” by pendant nucleophiles prior to “collapse” to 1,3-diazepanes. The choice of N-substituent on the cyclopropane unit controls the oxidation level of the product, such that C4-C5 unsaturated or saturated systems can be accessed selectively. The results outlined here validate a potentially general approach to medium-ring heterocycles

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