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Publication - Professor Kevin Booker-Milburn

    Combining photochemistry and catalysis

    rapid access to sp3 - rich polyheterocycles from simple pyrroles


    Blackham, EE, Knowles, JP, Burgess, J & Booker-Milburn, KI, 2016, ‘Combining photochemistry and catalysis: rapid access to sp3 - rich polyheterocycles from simple pyrroles’. Chemical Science, vol 7., pp. 2302-2307


    Use of FEP flow reactor technology allows access to gram quantities of photochemically-generated tricyclic aziridines. These undergo a range of novel palladium-catalyzed ring-opening and cycloaddition reactions, likely driven by their inherent strain, allowing incorporation of further functionality by fusing additional heterocyclic rings onto these already complex polycyclic cores. This rapid, 2-step access to complex sp3 – rich heterocycles should be of interest to those in the fields of drug discovery and natural product synthesis.

    Full details in the University publications repository