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Professor Matthew Crump


I completed my BSc (Hons) and PhD in Chemistry at the University of Bristol. My PhD (1995) was supervised by Professor Tom Simpson where I completed the first NMR structure of a protein (actinorhodin ACP) using 500 and 600 MHz homonuclear NNR spectra (never ever again). Actually I did then go on to this again at the University of Alberta, Canada where I completed post-doctoral studies with Professor brian Sykes. During my three years in Canada we solved numerous NMR structures of chemokines, coiled coils, peptides and bacterial surface proteins. In 1999 I established a 600 MHz biological NMR centre in the School of Biological Sciences in Southampton followed by a new biological NMR centre at Bristol in 2003. This facility has grown to encompass two 600 MHz spectrometers as well as associated low field spectrometers as part of the chemistry NMR facility (under Dr Craig Butts). My group works on a range of structural biology problems and to date has deposited over 30 novel protein structures. 



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