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Publication - Professor Matthew Crump

    Maternal transmission of an Igf2r domain 11

    IGF2 binding mutant allele (Igf2r I1565A) results in partial lethality, overgrowth and intestinal adenoma progression


    Hughes, J, Surakhy, M, Can, S, Ducker, M, Davies, N, Szele, F, Bühnemann, C, Carter, E, Trikin, R, Crump, MP, Frago, S & Hassan, AB, 2019, ‘Maternal transmission of an Igf2r domain 11: IGF2 binding mutant allele (Igf2r I1565A) results in partial lethality, overgrowth and intestinal adenoma progression’. Scientific Reports, vol 9.


    The cation-independent mannose 6-phosphate/insulin-like growth factor-2 receptor (M6P/IGF2R or IGF2R) traffics IGF2 and M6P ligands between pre-lysosomal and extra-cellular compartments. Specific IGF2 and M6P high-affinity binding occurs via domain-11 and domains-3-5-9, respectively. Mammalian maternal Igf2r allele expression exceeds the paternal allele due to imprinting (silencing). Igf2r null-allele maternal transmission results in placenta and heart over-growth and perinatal lethality (>90%) due to raised extra-cellular IGF2 secondary to impaired ligand clearance. It remains unknown if the phenotype is due to either ligand alone, or to both ligands. Here, we evaluate Igf2r specific loss-of-function of the domain-11 IGF2 binding site by replacing isoleucine with alanine in the CD loop (exon 34, I1565A), a mutation also detected in cancers. Igf2rI1565A/+p maternal transmission (heterozygote), resulted in placental and embryonic over-growth with reduced neonatal lethality (<60%), and long-term survival. The perinatal mortality (>80%) observed in homozygotes (Igf2rI1565A/I1565A) suggested that wild-type paternal allele expression attenuates the heterozygote phenotype. To evaluate Igf2r tumour suppressor function, we utilised intestinal adenoma models known to be Igf2 dependent. Bi-allelic Igf2r expression suppressed intestinal adenoma (ApcMin). Igf2rI1565A/+p in a conditional model (Lgr5-Cre, Apcloxp/loxp) resulted in worse survival and increased adenoma proliferation. Growth, survival and intestinal adenoma appear dependent on IGF2R-domain-11 IGF2 binding.

    Full details in the University publications repository