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Dr Mei Li

Protocells, Artificial chemical cells, Biomineralization, Nanotectonics, Inorganic Morphosynthesis, Self-assembled Inorganic Materials, Template-directed Synthesis

Our current research focuses on design and construction of artificial chemical cells and protocell models based on spontaneous processes of inorganic self-organization, construction of functional membrane of inorganic protocells and self-reproduction of inorganic protocells.

Research interests also focuse on the areas of synthesis, surface modification, self-assembly and applications of functional hybrid nanomaterials, mesoporous materials, bionanotechnology and biomineralization. These activities involve a wide range of interdisciplinary fields across nanotechnology, materials chemistry, biology and physics.

Research keywords

  • Protocells
  • Artificial chemical cells
  • Biomineralization
  • Nanotectonics
  • Inorganic Morphosynthesis
  • Self-assembled Inorganic Materials
  • Template-directed Synthesis