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Publication - Dr Natalie Pridmore

    Boron–nitrogen main chain analogues of polystyrene

    poly(B-aryl)aminoboranes via catalytic dehydrocoupling


    Lara, DR, Stubbs, N, Arz, M, Pridmore, N, Sparkes, H & Manners, I, 2017, ‘Boron–nitrogen main chain analogues of polystyrene: poly(B-aryl)aminoboranes via catalytic dehydrocoupling’. Chemical Communications, vol 53., pp. 11701-11704


    The first high molar mass polyaminoboranes with an organic substituent at boron, namely the B-arylated polyaminoboranes [NH2–BHPh]n (2a) and [NH2–BH(p-CF3C6H4)]n (2b), have been prepared via catalytic dehydropolymerisation. These materials can be considered as inorganic analogues of polystyrene with a B–N main chain. Their synthesis was achieved from B-aryl amine–borane precursors in solution using an [IrH2(POCOP)] precatalyst.

    Full details in the University publications repository