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Publication - Dr Natalie Pridmore

    Lamotrigine ethanol monosolvate


    Hall, CL, Potticary, J, Sparkes, HA, Pridmore, NE & Hall, SR, 2018, ‘Lamotrigine ethanol monosolvate’. Acta Crystallographica Section E: Crystallographic Communications, vol 74., pp. 678-681


    Lamotrigine is an active pharmaceutical ingredient used as a treatment for epilepsy and psychiatric disorders. Single crystals of an ethanolate solvate, C9 H7 Cl2 N 5·C2 H5 OH, were produced by slow evaporation of a saturated solution from anhydrous ethanol. Within the crystal structure, the lamotrigine molecules form dimers through N - H...N hydrogen bonds involving the amine N atoms in the ortho position of the triazine group. These dimers are linked into a tape motif through hydrogen bonds involving the amine N atoms in the para position. The ethanol and lamotrigine are present in a 1:1 ratio in the lattice with the ethyl group of the ethanol molecule exhibiting disorder with an occupancy ratio of 0.516 (14):0.484 (14).

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