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Publication - Dr Neil Fox

    Anodization study of epitaxial graphene

    insights on the oxygen evolution reaction of graphitic materials


    Cattelan, M, Vagin, MY, Fox, N, Ivanov, IG, Shtepliuk, I & Yakimova, R, 2019, ‘Anodization study of epitaxial graphene: insights on the oxygen evolution reaction of graphitic materials’. Nanotechnology, vol 30.


    The photoemission electron microscopy and x-ray photoemission spectroscopy were utilized for the study of anodized epitaxial graphene on silicon carbide as a fundamental aspect of the oxygen evolution reaction on graphitic materials. The high-resolution analysis of surface morphology and composition quantified the material transformation during the anodization. We investigated the surface with lateral resolution <150 nm, revealing significant transformations on the epitaxial graphene and the role of multilayer edges in increasing the film capacitance.

    Full details in the University publications repository