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Publication - Dr Pierangelo Gobbo

    Programmed assembly of synthetic protocells into thermoresponsive prototissues


    Gobbo, P, Patil, AJ, Li, M, Harniman, R, Briscoe, WH & Mann, S, 2018, ‘Programmed assembly of synthetic protocells into thermoresponsive prototissues’. Nature Materials, vol 17., pp. 1145-1153


    Although several new types of synthetic cell-like entities are now available, their structural integration into spatially interlinked prototissues that communicate and display coordinated functions remains a considerable challenge. Here we describe the programmed assembly of synthetic prototissue constructs based on the bio-orthogonal adhesion of a spatially confined binary community of protein–polymer protocells, termed proteinosomes. The thermoresponsive properties of the interlinked proteinosomes are used collectively to generate prototissue spheroids capable of reversible contractions that can be enzymatically modulated and exploited for mechanochemical transduction. Overall, our methodology opens up a route to the fabrication of artificial tissue-like materials capable of collective behaviours, and addresses important emerging challenges in bottom-up synthetic biology and bioinspired engineering.

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