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Professor Simon O'Doherty

Professor Simon O'Doherty

Professor Simon O'Doherty
B.Sc.(C.N.A.A.), M.Sc., Ph.D.(Bristol)

Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry

Office W329b
School of Chemistry,
Cantock's Close, Bristol BS8 1TS
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Tel. +44 (0) 117 928 9186
Tel. +44 (0) 117 331 7042

Research summary

My main area of research is concerned with the global growth of Montreal Protocol gases or gases that are involved in stratospheric ozone depletion (CFCs, HCFCs, halons) and the Kyoto gases or gases that are involved in global warming (CO2, CH4, N2O, SF6, NF3, HFCs and PFCs). Measurement of these key compounds is vital in obtaining a greater understanding of the processes involved in Climate Change and Ozone Depletion. This internationally recognised work is funded by Department of Business Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), the Irish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the National Aeronautics and ...

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I have been part of the School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol since 1986 initially as a student then as a member of staff. Over the past 20+ years I have helped establish a world leading research group working in the field of Atmospheric Chemistry. I have developed novel instrumentation (as part of the AGAGE project) that allows analysis of a range of atmospherically important gases regulated under the Montreal and Kyoto Protocols. This instrumentation has been installed into a number of remote research stations around the world (Mace Head, Ireland; Cape Grim, Tasmania; Jungfraujoch, Switzerland; Ny Alesund ...

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Recent publications

  • Rigby, M, Park, S, Saito, T, Western, LM, Redington, AL, Fang, X, Henne, S, Manning, AJ, Prinn, RG, Dutton, GS, Fraser, PJ, Ganesan, AL, Hall, BD, Harth, CM, Kim, J, Kim, KR, Krummel, PB, Lee, T, Li, S, Liang, Q, Lunt, MF, Montzka, SA, Mühle, J, O’Doherty, S, Park, MK, Reimann, S, Salameh, PK, Simmonds, P, Tunnicliffe, RL, Weiss, RF, Yokouchi, Y & Young, D, 2019, ‘Increase in CFC-11 emissions from eastern China based on atmospheric observations’. Nature, vol 569., pp. 546-550
  • Kuyper, B, Say, D, Labuschagne, C, Lesch, T, Joubert, WR, Martin, D, Young, D, Khan, MAH, Rigby, M, Ganesan, AL, Lunt, MF, O'Dowd, C, Manning, AJ, O'Doherty, S, Davies-Coleman, MT & Shallcross, DE, 2019, ‘Atmospheric HCFC-22, HFC-125, and HFC-152a at Cape Point, South Africa’. Environmental Science and Technology, vol 53., pp. 8967-8975

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