Current Research

The Atmospheric Chemistry Research Group (ACRG) carries out research here at Bristol and worldwide in collaboration with other atmospheric chemistry research centres, universities and third parties. Worldwide the group is involved in the Atmospheric Global Gases Experiment (AGAGE), monitoring global background levels of a wide range of greenhouse gases. The group is actively involved in the verification of UK greenhouse gas emissions through the DECC network, as well as wider efforts to quantify greenhous gas emissions from the UK through the GAUGE project.

The ACRG is a member of the Bristol Biogeochemistry Research Centre (BBRC) and collaborates with other researchers from the University of Bristol through the Cabot Institute.


We are using the FAAM research aircraft to get a better spatial coverage of greenhous gas measurements around the UK.


The ACRG work alongside colleagues across Europe to integrate trace gas measurements


The ACRG runs two of the world’s nine global background stations under the AGAGE (Atmospheric Global Gases Experiment) programme.

DECC Network

Instrumentation in the mobile lab at Tacolneston, Norfolk, as part of the DECC network.


The ACRG participates in the Methane Observations and Yearly Assessments (MOYA) project

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