HUGS: A HUb for Greenhouse gas data Science

HUGS is a cloud-based data analysis "hub" for greenhouse gas measurements, modelling and data analysis, funded as a NERC "Constructing a Digital Environment" feasibility study. We aim to streamline the process for data sharing, analysis and visualisation and add value through automated processes such as atmospheric chemistry transport model runs associated with uploaded data.

Interaction with the data and associated products to plot and interpret will be facilitated via a simple web interface with more functionality available via Jupyter notebooks.

This platform builds on the expertise used to create the Acquire and Cluster-in-the-Cloud architecture developed within the Advanced Computing Research Centre at the University of Bristol.

To participate or for more information please contact Dr. Matt Rigby.

Please see our HUGS cloud website for more details on accessing content, updates and uploading data.


Acquire and Cluster-in-the-Cloud

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