Modelling data from multi-scale data streams in ecological and environmental sciences

Wednesday 7th September 2016, 10:00-17:00

Keynote speakers:

Jonty Rougier (University of Bristol); Rougier-slides (PDF, 1,048kB)
Paul Blackwell (University of Sheffield)
Hartmut Boesch (University of Leicester)

Invited speakers:

Rory Clarkson (Rolls Royce)
Francesca Pianosi (University of Bristol)Pianosi-slides (PDF, 3,097kB)
Oliver Prescott (CEH)
Pescott-slides (PDF, 2,845kB)

The workshop has finished, but please follow the links next to the speaker's name to read the slides from their presentation.

This workshop was made possible thanks to funding provided by the SECURE network, the University of Bristol's Cabot Institute and NERC.

Ben Swallow (organiser)

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