The ACRG has developed a wide range of instrumentation to measure a wide variety of gases, including the full range of Montreal (ozone depleting) and Kyoto Protocol (global warming) gases. This instrumentation has subsequently been adopted by the entire Advanced Global Atmospheric Gases Experiment (AGAGE) network. The group is also engaged in development of instrumentation for new projects and contracts.


This unique instrument was partly developed here in Bristol for use in the AGAGE (Atmospheric Global Gases Experiment) programme.


The original system we used for trapping and analysing trace gas species in the atmosphere.

Mobile Lab

The mobile lab at Tacolneston, Norfolk, as part of the DECC network.

CRDS Picarro

We have a number of these instruments in the field, one at each of our tall-tower sites.

CRDS Los Gatos Research

We recently took delivery of a Los Gatos Research Analyser for measuring CO and N2O.

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