The ACRG has developed a wide range of instrumentation to measure a wide variety of gases, including the full range of Montreal (ozone-depleting) and Kyoto Protocol (global warming) gases. This instrumentation has subsequently been adopted by the entire Advanced Global Atmospheric Gases Experiment (AGAGE) network.

In addition to instruments developed in-house, the ACRG utilises a range of commercially available instruments at its various UK-based measurement sites. The group is engaged in the ongoing development of novel instrumentation for the detection of species including highly reactive Criegee intermediates and isotopes such as carbon-14. 

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Medusa GCMS

Custom instrument developed by the ACRG for high precision monitoring of halocarbons

Cavity ring-down

We use cavity ring-down spectrometers to make high precision measurements of CO2, CH4, N2O and CO

Mobile lab

Our mobile lab allows for atmospheric monitoring in remote locations both in the UK and abroad

ADS system

The Adsorption Desorption System (ADS) was the original pre-concentration system developed at the ACRG

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