Stratospheric ozone depletion

'Perhaps the single most successful international environmental agreement to date has been the Montreal Protocol' Kofi Annan

Using atmospheric observations, we have monitored international progress on phasing out ozone depleting substances such as CFCs for over 30 years.

The Medusa Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry instrument, co-developed by the ACRG, provides high-precision measurements of more than 40 ozone depleting substances and other related gases. Using models, we have used these data to track how emissions of these substances continue to change in response to the Montreal Protocol.

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The AGAGE (Advanced Global Atmospheric Gases Experiment) network consists of 9 remote observatories capable of tracking global concentrations of a wide-range of ozone-depleting and greenhouse gases


InGOS (Integrated non-CO2 Greenhouse gas Observing System) is an EU funded project that supports the integration of and access to existing national research infrastructures

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