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OGU publications and other news (April/May)

15 May 2014

Conference season is coming...

Want to learn more about pentacyclic triterpenoids?

7 April 2014

Dr. Jeremy Jacob, an organic geochemist from CNRS/Université d'Orléans, has developed a fun way to learn about pentacyclic triterpenoids

PhD student Dagmara Miernecka wins poster prize

25 March 2014

Dagmara Miernecka, a PhD student working in the OGU, won the best poster by a 1st year student at the Natural Systems and Processes Poster Sesssion.

OGU News February/March

18 March 2014

Life in the OGU

2nd workshop on Pliocene climate video released

12 February 2014

A short 5-minute video has been released from the 2nd workshop on Pliocene climate.

OGU News December/January

24 January 2014

Q: What's going on in the OGU? A: Lots!