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Organic Residue Analysis and Archaeology: Guidance for Good Practice

22 June 2017

The Historic England ‘Organic Residue Analysis and Archaeology: Guidance for Good Practice’ was published in January 2017.

The project was initiated by Richard Evershed (OGU), Lucy Cramp (Department of Archaeology and Anthropology) and Jim Williams (Historic England) and written and compiled by Julie Dunne with contributions from Lucy Cramp, Richard Evershed, Carl Heron, Oliver Craig, Ben Stern, David Knight, Alistair Barclay, Rob Perrin, Vanessa Straker, Sylvia Warman, Gail Boyle, Rebecca Stacey, Rhea Brettell and Jessica Smyth. Other members of the OGU also provided useful feedback or supplied illustrations, including Mélanie Roffet-Salque, Helen Whelton and Marisol Correa Ascencio.

The three main aims of the guidance were as follows:

  •  Inform practicing archaeologists of the principles and potential applications of organic residue analysis (ORA)
  • Provide clear and coherent guidance on organic residues recovery, sampling and analysis.
  •  Demonstrate the research potential of the approach

We were really pleased to hear the Guidance has been downloaded 682 times between its publication in January and March. That is more than some of Historic England’s documents are downloaded in a year!

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