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I obtained B.Sc (Industrial Chemistry) and M.Sc degree (Petrochemical and Hydrocarbon Chemistry) from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka with a cumulative CGPA of 4.91 on a five point scale. The M.Sc Research project was supervised by Prof. C.A Nwadinigwe. The lab-based project was titled” Quantitative Assessment of n-Alkanes, Asphaltenes and Resins in different crudes”.

I joined the University of Nigeria, Nsukka in the year 2016 as an academic staff (lecturer) in the Department of Pure and Industrial Chemistry. I got scholarship award with the Nigerian government, Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) to pursue my PhD programme. In June 2018, I arrived to University of Bristol (one of the best school in the United Kingdom) and OGU for my PhD research degree in Chemistry under the supervision of Dr Ian Bull. My current project is looking towards Chemical Fingerprinting of Petroleum Biomarkers in Seepages in South-Eastern States and Well-head Crudes in NigerDelta Region of Nigeria, the effects of crudes in microbial community, sediments and plants within the seepage sites.

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Petroleum geochemistry deals with the application of chemical principles in the study of origin, generation, migration, accumulation and alteration of petroleum.  The purpose of this work is to characterize the well-head crudes (onshore and offshore) and seepages for n-alkanes, acyclic isoprenoid biomarkers and diamondoids. The diagnostic ratios (DRs) are calculated i.e Pr/Ph and isoprenoids to n-alkane ratios (Pr/n-C17 and Ph/n-C18)ratios along with diamondoids. This will be used to ascertain the levels of maturity, extent of biodegradation, the organic matter input and as an indicator of deposition environment of the crudes and seepages. The results will be evaluated statistically. Correlation studies will be made, and some bulk properties of the crude will be determined. Also, the effects of this oils on microbial community, plants and the extent of contamination on the sediments will be studied.

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1. Nwadinigwe, C.N. and Alumona, T.N., 2017. NAASAR Procedure for Quantitative Assessment of n-alkanes, Asphaltenes & Resins in Crudes. J. Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology. DOI.10.1007/S13202-014-0145-7 


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