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I read Geology at University Malaysia Sabah (UMS), Malaysia from 2012 to 2015 under the sponsorship of Sabah State Government. I graduated with a thesis in geophysics general geology and determination of saltwater intrusion by time-lapse using ABEM Terrameter LS in Labuan Island, Malaysia. As part of my degree, I did an internship working as field geologist for coal exploration and geology engineering works in Bintulu, Sarawak. I had amazing student-life as the elected President of student representative council of the university and works as Vice President for Student Advisory Council of Malaysia. At 21 years old, the Ministry of Education (Higher Education) appointed me as the Trustee/Director for Student Volunteers Foundation (YSS), an entity wholly owned by the ministry, and became the youngest director.

I worked for a year with YSS working on student volunteer mission across ASEAN (e.g. Malaysia, Vietnam, Lao PDR and Indonesia).

Simultaneously, my alma mater employed me as graduate fellow (young lecturer scheme) and awarded scholarship to further study abroad. I graduated Master of Science (Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security) from Lancaster University in 2017 with a dissertation in soil science entitle soil microaggregate within macroaggregate for carbon sequestration in different land management. I also managed to secure bursary from Lancaster Environment Centre during my master.

End of 2017, I was appointed as the Executive director for YSS and worked on YSS ASEAN Student Volunteer Mission to Sarawak, Malaysia involving 200 ASEAN students funded by ASEAN Dialogue Partner through successful pitching to all ASEAN’s ministry of education.

Currently, I am an active PhD student (Geology) and a teaching assistant at the University of Bristol. I'm part of the world-class research group of Organic Geochemistry Unit, School of Chemistry and School of Earth Sciences.

My PhD is under the supervision of Professor Richard Pancost (Head of School, School Earth Sciences) and Dr David Naafs (Research Fellow). My PhD is funded by the Ministry of Education (Higher Education) of Malaysia and University Malaysia Sabah. I also co-sponsored by Zarith Sofia Foundation through education grant.

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I’m working on Mesozoic global warming events particularly on the Cretaceous period. The main goal of my research is to determine hydrological change during the Cenomanian-Turonian Oceanic Anoxic Event (OAE 2) and how that related to other environmental and biogeochemical changes. The three overarching questions that frame this research are:

1. Did the hydrological cycle responds prior to and during the onset of OAE2?
This will be done by measuring the stable hydrogen isotopes (Deuterium, dD) values of the higher plant (long-chain n-alkanes) leaf wax extracted from sediment of North Atlantic Ocean spanning before OAE2, across its onset and during its peak, at a variety of sites. This will reflect the precipitation in the source region and allow interrogation of changes in hydrological processes in response to the global warming that preceded the event.

2. What is the impact of hydrological change on the development of ocean anoxia?

I will analyse biomarkers distribution at all sites, with a focus on quantifying indicators for anoxic/euxinic conditions such as isorenieratane and lycopane

3. Is the hydrological response similar to different latitudes?

I will use deep-sea sediments from numbers of locations within the low-, mid- and high-latitudes to determine the hydrological responses from multi-latitudes sites.

Now, I'm working on-site U0060 Baffin Bay, Greenland; U1407 Newfoundland; 367 Cape Verde Basin; 144 Coast of French Guyana; and 1258 Demerara Rise. 

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