Huiling Sun

Visiting Research Fellow


I am working in the School of tourism & Geography at Yunnan Normal University, China as a lecturer since 2012. In September 2019, I started my one-year academic visiting at the Organic Geochemistry Unit in the School of Chemistry and School of Earth Science at University of Bristol under supervision of Professor Rich Pancost and Dr David Naafs.

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My project focus on the high-resolution palaeoclimatology based on GDGTs in sediments of alpine lakes in southwest China.

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1. Sun, H., Bendle, J., Seki,O., Zhou. A., 2018. Mid- to- late Holocene hydroclimatic changes on the Chinese Loess Plateau: evidence from n-alkanes from the sediments of Tianchi Lake. Journal of Paleolimnology, 60(4): 511-523.

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