OGU publications

A selection of recent publications in 2018 featuring OGU members:

  • Hammann, S., Korf, A., Bull, I. D., Hayen, H., Cramp, L.J.E., 2019. Lipid profiling and analytical discrimination of seven cereals using high temperature gas chromatography coupled to high resolution quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry, Food Chemistry, 282, 27-35.
  • Cramp, L.J.E., Ethier, J., Urem-Kotsou, D., Bonsall, C., Borić, D., Boroneanț, A., Evershed, R.P., Perić, S., Roffet-Salque, M., Whelton, H., Ivanova, M., 2019.  Processing of wild aquatic resources in Early Neolithic pottery from the Danubian Iron Gates region. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 286: 20182347.
  • Smyth, J., Berstan, R., Casanova, E., McCormick, F., Mulhall, I., Sikora, M., Synnott, C., Evershed, R.P., 2019. Compound‐specific stable isotope analysis and radiocarbon dating of Irish bog butters reveal four millennia of dairy surplus and deposition, Scientific Reports, 9:4559.
  • Holtvoeth, J., Whiteside, J. H., Engels, S., S. Freitas, F., Grice, K., Greenwood, P., Johnson, S., Kendall, I., Lengger, S. K., Lücke, A., Mayr, C., Naafs, B.D.A., Rohrssen, M., Sepúlveda, J., 2019. The paleolimnologist's guide to compound-specific stable isotope analysis – An introduction to principles and applications of CSIA for Quaternary lake sediments, Quaternary Science Reviews, 207, 101-133.
  • Reay, M., Knowles, T., Jones, D. & Evershed, R.P., 2019. Development of alditol acetate derivatives for the determination of 15N-enriched amino sugars by gas chromatography-combustion-isotope ratio mass spectrometry, Analytical Chemistry, 91(5), 3397-3404.
  • Kendall, I., Woodward, P., Clark, J.P., Styring, A., Hanna, J.V., Evershed, R.P., 2019. Compound-specific δ15N values express differences in amino acid metabolism in plants of varying lignin content' Phytochemistry, 161, 130-138.


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