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Research in Synthetic Organic Chemistry

A tour of our organic chemistry labs reveals how science yields invaluable insights for the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries.

Dr Carmen Galan

Dr Carmen Galan employs synthetic organic chemistry as a tool to probe and manipulate the structure and function of biologically relevant molecules to study biological problems and potentially discover treatments for diseases. Video credit: EPSRC

Professor Varinder Aggarwal

Using complex proteins as organisation tools and as catalysts Nature is able to make molecules with exquisite control over shape, structure and form. We are trying to emulate nature in the construction of molecules with the same type of control but without recourse to the complex machinery nature employs.

We develop small molecule catalysts and reactive reagents to rapidly convert simple starting materials into complex products with control over shape, structure and function. Video credit: Yoho Media

Professor Richard Pancost

Rich studies the biological compounds that have been preserved in sedimentary materials, such as deep ocean muds or peatlands. The chemical characteristics of the compounds reveal the character of the ancient environments in which those sediments formed, providing insight into how the Earth's climate has changed in the past. Video credit: Yoho Media

Chemistry - discoveries in research

Learn how experimentation with chemical molecules has opened up new areas of scientific discovery at Bristol.

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