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Teaching Block 2

  • 11 February Departmental Teaching Event: Havi Carel and Richard Pettigrew (Department of Philosophy)  "Implicit Bias"
  • 18 February Tim Gorta "Horace the Italian"
  • 11 March Oliver Primavesi (Ludwig Maximilians Universität, Munich) "Myth and Physics in Empedocles"
  • 18 March Lizzy Allman "Disiecta Membra: Reading Fragmentation in Ovid's Metamorphoses"
  • 24 March Daniel Ogden (University of Exeter) "The Legend of Seleucus"
  • Bristol Blackwell Lectures Andrew Feldherr (University of Princeton) "After the Past: Sallust on History and Writing History"
    • May 6 "The Virtues of History: Time and Truth in Sallust"
    • May 7 "Words and Deeds: The Social History of Historiography in the Catiline"
    • May 13 "Jugurtha's Tragic History"
    • May 14 "Brevitatis Artifex: Sallust as Text"

Teaching Block 1

  • 1 October Research Methods (MA students only)
  • 8 October Neville Morley “Thucydides and the Modern Idea of History” 
  • 15 October Myth, Film, the Senses and the Psyche. A discussion of recent Bristol publications, incl. Shane Butler & Alex Purves eds. 2013. Synaesthesia and the Ancient Senses. Acumen Press; Robert Fowler. 2013. Early Greek Mythography Volume 2. Oxford University Press; Pantelis Michelakis. 2013.Greek Tragedy on Screen. Oxford University Press; Vanda Zajko & Ellen O’Gorman eds. 2013. Classical Myth and Psychoanalysis. Ancient and Modern Stories of the Self. Oxford University Press
  • 22 October Lyndsay Coo “Sophocles’ Iliou Persis” 
  • 29 October Adam Lecznar “The Stream of Tradition”
  • 12 November Laura Jansen “Frames of the Author: Reading the Editor in Vitruvius”” 
  • 19 November Jessica Romney “Shared Identity through Shared Speech in Alcaeus’ Poetry”
  •  26 November School seminar 4.00-6.00 pm, followed by drinks: venue to be advertised. 
  • 3 December Victoria Wohl (University of Toronto) “Recognition and Realism in Euripides’ Electra” 
  • 10 December Bella Sandwell “What is Scripture about? Meaning and the Transmission of Christianity in Late Antiquity”


Teaching Block 2

  • 29th January: School seminar (Visual Cultures)
  • 5th February: Shane Butler: “Are You Experienced?”
  • 12th February: Reading seminar. Alice Oswald, Memorial. An Excavation of the Iliad (readings to be circulated in advance)
  • 19th February: P.M. Warren Visiting Professor in Aegean Prehistory Marisa Marthari, Emerita Director, XXIst Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities for the Cyclades and Samos, Greek Archaeological Service: “The Figure-of-eight Shield as a Religious Symbol at Akrotiri, Thera”
  • 26th February: School seminar (English)
  • 5th March James McDermott: “Montaigne and Sparta”
  • 14th March: Mary Beard
    • Note special time and place: Thursday in the Social Science Complex (Priory Road), E Block, Room 2E2, 2-4 pm
  • 19th March: Rowan Tomlinson, Department of French: “Renaissance readings of Pliny the Elder”
  • Spring vacation: Classical Association Annual Conference (3-6 April, University of Reading)
  • 22nd-26th April MA dissertation presentations
  • April 30, May 1, 7, 8: Bristol Blackwell Lectures 2013
    • Professor Mark Vessey, University of British Columbia: "Writing before Literature: Later Latin Scriptures and the Memory of Rome”

Teaching Block 1

  • 9th October: Ika Willis “What We Talk About When We Talk About Books”
  • 16th October: Clare Coombe “Monstrous Regiments: Gigantomachy and Poetry of Claudian”
  • 23rd October: Richard Buxton “The Ambiguity of Metamorphosis: from Homer to Du Maurier”
  • 30th October: Andreas Stradis “Thucydides and Modern Military Education”
  • 6th November: Reading seminar: Text to be circulated.
  • 13th November: Reading week
  • 20th November: Ruth Caston, University of Michigan “Re-invention in Terence's Eunuch”
  • 27th November: School seminar “Teaching and Learning”
  • 4th December: David Hopkins (English) and Charles Martindale (Classics), editors of The Oxford History of Classical Reception in English Literature, will discuss the formation of the project, the issues raised about literary history, canon-formation and reception, and the process of managing a large multi-authored work
  • 11th December: Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor Ryan Balot, University of Toronto “Thucydides’ Critique of Democratic Courage”
  • 15th January: Greta Hawes “A Traveller’s Tales: Myth and Storytelling in Pausanias’ Periegesis”
  • 22nd January: Reading week


Teaching Block 1

  • 11th October: Pantelis Michelakis “The tragedy of history in film adaptations of Greek tragedy”
  • 18th – 20th October: Inside Arts festival events:
  • 25th October: Genevieve Liveley “Time, narrative and nostalgia in Tibullus”
  • 1st November: Heather Crawley “Taking Home the Sensory Experience of Pilgrimage: The Phenomenological Context of the Monza-Bobbio Ampullae”
  • 8th November: Colin Elliott “Obscurum Per Obscurius: Quantity Theory and the Crisis of the Third Century AD”
  • 15th November: reading week – no seminar
  • 22nd November: Ideas Seminar: What is academic discourse? Discussion will take as its starting point Chapter 12 from Anthony Grafton Worlds made by words: Scholarship and Community in the Modern West (to be circulated)
  • 29th November: School Seminar:
  • 6th December: Nico Momigliano “Minoans and Modernism: primitive Greece in early 20th-century performing arts”
  • 13th December: TBC
  • 17th January: Richard Seaford, University of Exeter “On the Genesis of the Subject in Greece (and India)”
  • 24th January: Reading Seminar: The Blackwell Lectures Revisted. Greg Woolf, Bristol Blackwell lecturer 2009, will participate in discussion of chapter 2 from the published lectures: Tales of the Barbarians. Ethnography and Empire in the Roman West (to be circulated)

Teaching Block 2

  • 7th February: Elena Lombardi, Department of Italian: “How to rewrite a mandatory episode. Virgil, Dante, Ariosto, Tasso”
  • 14th February: Professor Yoshinori Sano, International Christian University, Tokyo: “The Ode on Man in Sophocles’ Antigone, Comparison with Texts on the Development of Civilization”
  • 21st February: Reading Seminar: “Beyond the Literary." Lambros Malafouris,  “The Cognitive Basis of Material Engagement: Where Brain, Body and Culture Conflate” available from
  • 28th February: School Seminar: Attitudes to the past. (Lecture Room 1)
  • 6th March: Professor Ann-Louise Schallin, P.M. Warren visiting Professor in Aegean Prehistory: “Agamemnon’s neighbors – expressions of regional identities in the Mycenaean core area”
  • 13th March: Robert Fowler: “Mythography and the Intellectual Landscape of Fifth-Century Greece”
  • 20th March: First Hour: Ben Earley “The rediscovery of Thucydides in the French Revolution”; Second hour: MA presentations
  • 11th-14th April: Classical Association Conference, University of Exeter,
  • Week starting 23rd April: There will be MA presentations throughout this week. Times and locations TBC.
  • 1st May, 2nd May, 8th May 9th May: Bristol Blackwell lectures by Bettina Bergman, titles TBC


  • 1st February Discussion Seminar: Robert Fowler (Bristol) and Early Greek Mythography II. Chair: Ellen O’Gorman
  • 8th February Shushma Malik (Bristol PG): “Ultimate Corruption Manifest: Nero as the Antichrist in Antiquity.' Chair: Duncan Kennedy
  • 15th February Reading Seminar: Danielle Allen Why Plato Wrote (reading to be circulated in advance). followed by a wine reception to mark the first publication of the Bristol Blackwell lectures.
  • 22nd February Cynthia Shelmerdine (P.M. Warren visiting Professor in Aegean Prehistory): “Ordinary and Extraordinary Mycenaeans” Chair: Nico Momigliano
  • 1st March School Seminar
  • 8th March International Women's Day Seminar (organizer: Alex Wardrop)
  • 15th March Silke Knippschild (Bristol): “Images as victims of war: the role of art in creating and destroying social identities” Chair: Sarah Hitch
  • 22nd March Chris Murray (Bristol Visiting Fellow) “Prometheus Lost: Romantic Aeschylus”
  • 29th March MA presentations
  • Classical Association Conference, University of Durham, 15th-18th April 2011
  • 3rd May MA presentations (bear in mind this is the first day of term)
  • Colin Burrow (All Souls College, Oxford), Bristol Blackwell lectures, sponsored by Wiley-Blackwell Publishers: “Imitation”
    • Tuesday 10th May “From Mimesis to Imitatio”
    • Wednesday 11th May “Metaphors of Imitation”
    • Tuesday 17th May “Milton and Imitation”
    • Wednesday 18th May “Beyond Imitation?”

Teaching Block 1

  • 12th October  Introducing the Thucydides research project (followed by a wine reception)
    • Neville Morley (Project Leader): “Theorising crisis: readings of the stasis at Corcyra”
    • Christine Lee (Project Postdoctoral Fellow): “Thucydides in times of war: holding the history up as a mirror”
  • 19th October: Duncan Kennedy (Bristol): “Does Augustine put his finger on time?”
  • 26th October: Jessica Priestley (Thornhill-Leventis Fellow): “Herodotus and Hellenistic Geographies”
  • 2nd November: Greta Hawes (Bristol PG): “Unity and diversity in ancient myth interpretation”
  • 9th November:Ideas Seminar: The New Humanism? Future directions in Classics Research
  • 23rd November: Reading Seminar
  • 30th November: School Seminar: “Britishness” (Lecture Room 8, 21 Woodland Road). Speakers: Brendan Smith (Historical Studies), Dot Rowe (History of Art), David Punter (English), Jo Carruthers (English).Followed by a wine reception in the Humanities Common Room.
  • 7th December: Sarah Hitch (Bristol): “Performing sacrifice”
  • 14th December: Loriel Anderson (Bristol PG): “Greeks and Barbarians: The Reception of Persia in Herodotus’ Histories
  • 18th January: Andrew Laird (Warwick): “Aztecs on Olympus: Approaches to classical traditions in colonial Mexico”


  • 12th January: Bella Sandwell (Bristol): ‘A cognitive approach to John Chrysostom’s homilies on Genesis’
  • 20th January: Neville Morley (Bristol), Inaugural Lecture: ‘Ancient and Modern’. Lecture Theatre 3, 5.30 pm.
  • 27th January: half-day conference on Myths and their Variants, organised by Richard Buxton; featuring Emma Aston (Reading), Daniel Ogden (Exeter), Alberto Bernabe (Madrid), Ken Dowden (Birmingham).  Lecture Theatre 1, 3-5 Woodland Road.
  • 9th February: Lieve van Hoof (KU Leuven): ‘Literature as an “Entrance Ticket” to the Senate. the rhetoric of power in the Fourth Century A.D.’
  • 16th February: Kate Nichols (Henry Moore Fellow): ‘Mechanical reproduction, mass audiences, and beautiful manufacture: Greek sculpture and industrial reform, 1830-1860’
  • 23rd February: Katherine Harloe (Reading): ‘Winckelmann and the imagined community of classical scholarship, 1790-1930’
  • 1st – 4thMarch: visit of Professor Jonathan Sachs (Concordia University, Canada) as Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor..
    •  1st March: research workshop on the uses of ancient political ideas and examples in revolutionary movements and political philosophy
    • 2nd March: lecture on current research, title tbc, with responses
    • 4th March: research workshop on Classicism in the Romantic Movement
  • 9th March: Pavlos Avlamis (Princeton): ‘The Life of Aesop and the ‘popular’ in literature’
  • 4th May: Shelley Hales (Bristol): ‘Virtual Antiquities: Pompeii in the Sydenham Crystal palace and in Second Life’
  • May 11th, 12th, 18th, 19th: Erika Fischer-Lichte (Free University of Berlin): ‘Dionysus Resurrected: performances of Euripides’ Bacchae in a globalising world’ (The Blackwell-Bristol Lectures 4th series). 5.15 p.m.
  • 6th October: Neville Morley (Bristol): ‘Thucydides and the Idea of History (Drinks reception to follow in Humanities Common Room)
  • 13th October: Mercedes Aguirre (Complutense, Madrid): ‘The Greek Flood Myth: Deucalion and Pyrrha’
  • 20th October: Ellen O’Gorman (Bristol): ‘Myth, History and Vergil’s Dido’
  • 20th October: 6:00 pm Autumn Art Lecture on Feasts and Festivities: Brian A. Sparkes (Emeritus, Southhampton): 'Feasts and Festivities: Celebrating in Ancient Athens. Scenes and Painted Pottery.' Reception Room, Wills Memorial Building. Booking is required. Contact Nicola Fry at
  • 27th October: School Seminar (Historical Studies): History and History of Art
  • 3rd November: Emily Pillinger (Institute Fellow): ‘Prophetic voices in mythic narratives: making sense of “hindsight as foresight”.’
  • 10th November (Reading Week): Professor Helene Whittaker, P.M.Warren Visiting Professor in Aegean Prehistory (Tromso):
    Virgil's Fourth Eclogue (exact title TBA)
  • 17th November: 4.30pm Charles Martindale (Bristol): ‘Performance, Reception, Aesthetics’
  • 24th November: School Seminar (English): Nature
  • 25th November: 4 pm half-day conference on ‘Hildegard of Bingen: music, poetry, and medieval monastic tradition’, organised by Steve D’Evelyn (Bristol). Victoria Rooms.
  • 1st December: John Sellars (UWE): ‘The Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius’
  • 8th December: Peter France on Translation, event organised by the French department with support from BIRTHA
  • 9th December: half-day conference on Translation, organised by the departments of French, Drama, and the Penguin Archive Project with support from the Bristol Institute for Greece, Rome, and the Classical Tradition. Full details to be confirmed
  • 12th January: Bella Sandwell (Bristol): ‘A cognitive approach to John Chrysostom’s homilies on Genesis’
  • 19th January (Reading Week)
  • 20th January: Neville Morley (Bristol) Inaugural Lecture: ‘Ancient and Modern’
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