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Professor Andrew Dick

Ophthalmology research in Bristol is committed to providing a first class environment in which health care, education, clinical and laboratory research can be conducted simultaneously.

Our research is focussed on the improvement in future health care that relies heavily on the implementation of basic science advances and transfer of laboratory acquired knowledge to the clinic.

This has recently been enabled further by the successful partnership and £26.5M award for NIHR Biomedical Research Centre-Ophthalmology, Moorfields/UCL-Institute of Ophthalmology where we lead inflammation and immunotherapeutics theme.

The research within the Academic Unit of Ophthalmology is supported by the School of Clinical Sciences within the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry and also within the Infection and Immunity Theme of the School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine in the Faculty of Medical Sciences.

We now have fully refurbished laboratories at both the School of Medical Sciences and the Bristol Eye Hospital and have recently moved staff into new state of the art laboratories for our Corneal Banking Service at the Bristol Eye Hospital.

Ophthalmic research at Bristol has strategic core groups, with overall direction from Head of Research for Ophthalmology, Professor Andrew Dick. Core groups exist with the expertise to broaden investigations into the understanding of maintenance of health of the ocular surface and cornea (Professor John Armitage), how the eye combats infection and inflammation (Professor Andrew Dick, Dr Lindsay Nicholson, Dr Sue Nicholls, Dr Richard Lee), corneal transplant rejection (Professor Andrew Dick and Dr Sue Nicholls) and inherited genetic disorders and retinal cell biology and development (Dr Amanda Churchill and Dr Denize Atan).

Human translational studies are possible because we also house the UK’s largest corneal and tissue bank under the direction of Professor John Armitage and our recent £1M refurbishment of Clinical Research Unit within Bristol Eye Hospital and partnership with NIHR BMRC in Ophthalmology.

Bristol Eye Hospital continues with active epidemiological research programmes directed by consultant staff, Miss Cathy Williams and Mr John Sparrow on determining quality of life, evidence base for therapies, ocular and visual development in children and pathways of improved health care delivery. This is in collaboration with the School of Social and Community Medicine which has provided a successful partnership for many years.

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