Paul Clarke

I am a social statistician whose research interests are in the development and application of advanced statistical methods. My principal interest is in (first) supervising methodological projects on new models/estimators to handle the sort of problems found in social and health science data (e.g., missing data, non-random selection), but where the focus is on assessing how well these methods perform against alternatives rather than the interpretation of results. I am also interested in (second) supervising applied/substantive projects in which input on the use and interpretation of statistical methods is required.

Methodological interests

  • Models for non-ignorable non-response
  • Causal models for observational studies and imperfectly conducted randomised experiments/trials.
  • Longitudinal/Panel data models

Areas of application

  • Social inequality in health and other outcomes.
  • Reasons for non-response and drop-out in social surveys.
  • Psychiatric trials of treatment-resistant depression therapy.

Example PhD topics

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