Multilevel modelling of the Government's new school performance measures, 'floor standards' target and 'narrowing the gap' priority

ESRC Future Research Leaders Grant



Each year, the Government publishes school performance tables that report the achievement and progress of pupils in English secondary schools. In the 2011 tables, the Government:

These changes have important implications - ‘underperforming’ schools will risk being placed in ‘special measures’, take-over, or even closure - and it is therefore imperative that they are critically reviewed and that innovative techniques are developed and applied to explore potential improvements to the accuracy, usefulness and communication of school performance tables.

This grant will do this by pursuing a programme of methodological and substantive research using multilevel modelling, and based on secondary analyses of the Government’s highly detailed pupil and school level performance data which underlie their tables.

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An important part of the grant is for me to accelerate my statistical modelling skills development and expertise. I have attended the following courses:

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