Pupil Incentive Project

Pupil Incentive Project (PIP)

A group of British and American academics, led by Simon Burgess at CMPO, have created a programme which aims to increase effort and attainment using rewards. Evidence from the USA suggests that rewarding students for “inputs” (e.g. attendance, completing homework, good behaviour) is more effective than awarding rewarding for “outputs” (such as achieving particular grades) as input rewards encourage to pupils to do what they need to succeed.

This project builds on previous studies by testing two new types of input rewards: a non-financial reward in which pupils are offered special trips or the opportunity attend an event they have chosen, and a financial reward where pupils are required to meet targets determined by their teachers.



Research Team:  Professor Simon Burgess (Principal Investigator, CMPO), Dr Rob Metcalfe (University of Chicago), Sally Sadoff (University of California, San Diego)

Funder:  Education Endowment Foundation

Timescale:  Award made April 2012; implementation: September 2012-June 2013 (1 year); analysis Autumn 2013-Autumn 2014.

Stage:  Analysis