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New report on financial incentives and working in the education sector published by the Department for Education

30 October 2012

The Department of Education has published the report "Financial incentives and working in the education sector", conducted by CUBeC members.

The DfE is committed to improving the quality of applicants into initial teacher training (ITT). The Department has offered bursaries to graduates wishing to train as teachers. Over time, these bursaries have been differentiated, by degree subject, with higher priority subjects attracting higher bursaries.

From 2012/13, these financial incentives will be designed to make training to teach more attractive to the most talented graduates in the shortage subjects by increasing the level of this differentiation and also differentiating by degree class.

This research report, by Professor Paul Dolan, Dr Robert Metcalfe & Dr Daniel Navarro-Martinez, presents the findings from a project that looked at which type of preferences and background characteristics are drivers of students choosing an ITT course, and whether higher ability students are impacted by higher endowments.

Read the full report 'Financial incentives and working in the education sector' (PDF 621 kB)

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