Dental Care Professionals

Why study at Bristol School for DCPs

We provide exceptional teaching support from an experienced dental team, and offer a wide range of Diploma programmes in our newly refurbished state-of-the-art DCP training facilities.

We encourage individual development and professionalism, with the ultimate aim to provide the highest quality of patient care. Our dedicated administrative staff together with our excellent award-winning teaching team make studying at Bristol an exciting and fulfilling career opportunity.

For clinical supervision we insist on a high staff to student ratio, and the concept of team training continues to be a key theme within our School.  All of our programmes are subject to rigorous quality assurance assessments by University of Bristol and the General Dental Council.

You can find a number of videos in the School on Film section of this website, and on our YouTube channel, including one specifically about the School of DCPs

Brief history

Bristol School for Dental Care Professionals (DCPs) started training Dental Nurses in 1949 and Dental Hygienists since 1972. Since then we have developed further training programmes in:

  • Dental Therapy
  • Orthodontic Therapy
  • Radiography
  • Dental Sedation
  • Special Care Dentistry
  • Continuing Professional Development for the Dental Team

Our aim is to continue to train skilled, competent, confident clinicians who embrace the philosophy of lifelong learning.

Courses available:

pcd tutors.jpg
Director of the DCP School, Sarah Bain (centre front row), Associate Clinical Specialist, and DCP Tutors
DCP tutor, Alison Grant, receiving national teaching award
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