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Viva Congratulations to Sarah Al-Jawoosh

PhD student Sarah standing outside the dental school

13 March 2019

Many congratulations to Sarah Al-Jawoosh who passed her viva with minor corrections on Monday 11th March to achieve her PhD.

Sarah's thesis was entitled 'Fabrication and characterisation of a novel biomimetic interpenetrating composite – a potential orthodontic bracket material'.

In her project, Sarah used unidirectional freeze-casting to engineer alumina ceramic composites with a uniquely aligned honeycomb-like structure. She found a correlation between the ceramic fraction and the subsequent, density, strength, fracture toughness, hardness and abrasivity of the composite materials. It is hoped these materials may potentially be used in orthodontic brackets.

The dissertation was the culmination of Sarah's research with the School's Biomaterials Engineering group, supervised by Prof Bo Su and Prof Anthony Ireland.

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