Ideas for practice

Education methods & environments

Active learning

Covering a range of approaches which focus responsibility for learning on learners and develop independence.

Blended learning

Integrating classroom and online learning.

Distance learning

From running courses fully online to supporting students on industry placements.

Group work

Ideas for introducing and supporting group work both online and face-to-face.

Labs, practicals and fieldwork

How technology can be used in more hands-on activities such as field trips, practicals and labs.

Lectures and large-group teaching

Enhancing students' experience of large-group settings.

Students as producers

Engaging students as creators of learning materials and as active researchers.

Assessment, feedback & administration

Academic integrity and plagiarism

Strategies to help students understand what is required of them and tools to spot plagiarism.


Examples of technology being used to automate tasks, increasing efficiency and using staff time more appropriately.


Increased connectivity and new technologies provide opportunities to make feedback richer and more immediate.

Submission and marking

A wide range of work can be submitted and/or marked online, with feedback as audio, video, text and against rubrics.

Tests, quizzes, exams

Objective testing, such as MCQs tests are very versatile and can be used in a variety of ways to enhance students learning.

Online & mobile delivery

Media in teaching

Including rich media, such as video and audio, within traditional teaching and online delivery.

Mobile learning

The increasing prevalence of mobile devices - phones, tablets, and notebooks - presents opportunities fand challenges.

Online tutorials and learning materials

Ideas for creating and using online learning materials.

Open education

From putting lecture handouts up on the web, to publishing videos or podcasts, to running a public online course (or MOOC).

All case studies

Our case studies give details of a wide range of TEL projects, what worked well, and ideas for future developments.

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