Media in teaching

Rapid development of new technology and the increased connectivity of our staff and students is changing the education landscape. Creating media has never been more accessible. Most people carry an audio and video recorder with them everywhere in the form of their smart phone.  Our current and future students are already absorbing, creating, collaborating on and sharing media-rich content as part of increasingly global communities.

UoB is already an institution that has many examples of the use of media to enhance the learning experience, using engaging resources to nurture communities of active and informed learners. The Re/Play facility (UoB login required) offers a significant opportunity to explore and develop these media enriched approaches to learning and teaching.

Case studies

Providing content prior to the face to face session

Often referred to as 'Flipping the lecture'. An academic member of staff can create content for students to access prior to the Lecture, which saves time covering theory and frees up time in face to face sessions to work through problems or have discussions around key points.

Clarification post lecture

An academic receives a number of emails from students asking for help with a concept. Rather than answering each email, and providing clarification to students individually, they prepare a video covering the concept in more detail. This allows the students to work through the example at their own pace and revisit it as many times as they would like.


A perennial theme of student survey responses is prompt and valuable feedback. Using media staff can produce audio and/or video feedback. When used to give overarching group feedback this has the advantage of reaching all students but feels personal.

Students as authors

Engaging our students as creators of content rather than just receivers has great benefits for them. Using Media as part of this approach allows them not only to identify and work with technology it allows them the opportunity to learn more about their topic in a much more active and creative way.

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Practical help

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Considerations for using media:

  • How will blending media in to your teaching meet the learning objectives?
  • How will this fit with your approaches to teaching and your students approaches to learning?
  • What previous experience do your students have of your chosen approach and how does this fit within your disciplines requirements?
  • If media is to be accessed online, is it in a form that plays well across a range of devices?
  • If media is to be used, is it of an appropriate length? If long, consider using smaller segments or focus just on relevant section.
  • If students will be creating media, how will they access the tools they'll need?