Submission and marking

Technology can be used to support and enhance assessment and feedback in different ways, including e-submission and e-marking. E-submission is the process by which a student submits work online for storage and retrieval by academic, administrative, or other staff for marking, feedback or review. This can also include the use of the Turnitin text-matching tool to assist with plagiarism checking. E-marking is the process by which staff provide marks and feedback to students online, for example through the Blackboard Grade Centre. Feedback could be given as text or might include audio, video, annotations on files (using comments in Microsoft Word or similar), or the use of comments against pre-defined criteria in rubrics. 

Case studies 

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Getting started 

  1. Browse the case studies to get some ideas of what is possible. 
  2. Find out if your School already uses online submission and marking. School admin teams should be able to advise on workflows that are already used.
  3. If introducing online submission or marking for the first time have a look at the planning guidance, and then contact the DEO who can provide help and advice
  4. If you are already using online marking the EMA guides page has video and text guides for staff and students.
  5. For information on academic integrity, plagiarism and Turnitin, see our Turnitin page. 
  6. If you have any other questions, or would like to arrange training, please contact us. 


You'll need to think about: 

  • What is the current situation and what will change? 
  • Why change - what benefits are you expecting? 
  • When will you need to change by? 
  • Who will implement the changes, and who will be affected? 

Contact us and we can help you plan. You might also want to read our detailed planning e-submission guidance.