UBPAS: Forms

In order to assist us to manage your scheme better, you are encouraged to inform us of any changes in your home address and use the following form to update your expression of wish whenever necessary. The form is available for download either in Word and PDF format.

Expression of wish form

In determining the recipient(s) of benefits in the event of death, the Trustees will take into consideration the person or persons nominated by the member on an Expression of Wish Form:

Notes for the members:

  1. For the lump sum benefit, you may enter the name of more than one person if you would like the Trustees to consider more than one.
  2. As far as the lump sum benefits are concerned you do not have to restrict your request to relations; for example charitable institutions may be included. You may if you wish nominate your estate after consulting your solicitor.
  3. As far as the pension benefits are concerned, you should note that, by law your legal spouse will receive any spouse’s Guaranteed Minimum Pension plus a minimum pension benefit in respect of pensionable service after 6 April 1997 required to comply with contracting out legislation. This will be the case whether or not you are living with them.
  4. In the event of any change of circumstances, it is your responsibility to see that any alteration in your wishes is made known to the Trustees by submitting a further form.
  5. Any change in the address of the person(s) named should also be notified.
  6. A copy of this is to be kept by the member, the original being held by the Trustees.
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