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PLEASE NOTE: From 9th March 2018, individuals who are self-employed or working via an intermediary should follow the following process when claiming payment of fees from the University of Bristol: Check employment status for tax. Please contact if you have any questions.

Once your employment status has been confirmed, you will be given a unique Tax Reference Number. Your engaging manager will need to make arrangements to have a Purchase Order raised for the length of your agreed assignment, quoting your Tax Reference Number. Payment can then be claimed by submitting an invoice/s to the University of Bristol. If any of the tax circumstances change, the claimant must notify us by emailing:

Self-employed individuals can continue to submit fee claims during the transitional period, for work completed up until 31st May 2018. Completed fee claim forms should be submitted to your recruiting manager / main University contact, so that a Budget Code can be added and authorisation given. Authorised forms should be submitted to the relevant Finance team.

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Access the staff intranet for payment request forms, corporate credit card and cash passport applications, overtime/additional hours claims and various other internal forms.

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