After arrival and going forward

You will continue to have care and concern for your son or daughter as they progress through their degree programme. The following practical advice and information is intended to help you to make your support as effective as possible.

Encourage your son or daughter to contact support services directly 

If you believe that your son or daughter would benefit from support or that the support they are receiving is not meeting their needs, encourage them to contact the University's support services directly. We believe that this is the single most helpful thing you can do. This is because experience tells us that support works best when it is requested and provided directly. Additionally, for reasons of confidentiality and data protection, we are very limited in how we communicate with the parents and supporters of adult students, and we will always prioritise our work with students.

For disability-related support, students should contact Disability Services. Alternatively, students can make an appointment with a Disability Adviser by contacting our Reception in person or by phone: 0117 331 0444 or email:

It is not typical for parents and supporters to accompany students to an appointment with a Disability Adviser. However, with the student's permission, parents and supporters can attend. This might happen when the student feels that they would benefit from support from a parent or supporter during the meeting with the Disability Adviser.

Support beyond Disability Services 

The University provides a wide range of support services and guidance for students. There is also further information for parents, carers and guardians.

Contact from parents and supporters 

If you feel that you need to contact Disability Services directly (rather than encouraging your son or daughter to contact us), we will aim to be helpful and will provide advice in general terms about how students are supported. We will almost certainly advise that you encourage your son or daughter to contact us or other relevant support directly. In the first instance, it is best to email to outline your concerns. Alternatively, phone 0117 331 0444 and ask for a callback from a Disability Adviser.

Please be aware before contacting Disability Services that without student consent, we will not confirm that someone is studying at the University or that we support a particular student or discuss any current support. Please note that we will always make a note of any conversation we have with a parent or supporter for the student's file, which may be seen by the student. Additionally, we may at our discretion contact students to tell them that someone identifying themselves as a parent or supporter has been in touch with concerns. Please note that we will never agree to have a ‘private’ conversation with a parent or supporter that we agree not to share with a student.