Research without Borders festival

Research without Borders is the University of Bristol's public festival of postgraduate research. The 2019 festival returns from 7 to 15 May.

Free tickets are now available for this year’s festival. Join us at a series of interactive events to explore some of the latest research emerging from the University of Bristol and connect with the next generation of our researchers.

This year’s festival includes evening discussions at the Watershed and a showcase exhibition in Colston Hall. The exhibition will feature 50+ interactive exhibits which celebrate the work of our postgraduate researcher community. Events take place between 7 and 15 May.

Discussion series at the Watershed: panel presentations followed by Q&As

Bristol's One City Plan: an interdisciplinary dialogue on a sustainable future city

Free panel discussion chaired by the Cabot Institute. Wednesday 8 May, 6–7 pm.

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Measurable humans: how good does our digital health look?

Free panel discussion chaired by Dr. Paul Marshall, hosted by Digital Health and Care and the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute. Thursday 9 May, 6–7 pm.

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Showcase Exhibition

More than 50 interactive, hands-on displays will feature the most recent developments at the cutting edge of research from the University of Bristol. The public are invited to learn about what goes on behind the University’s doors and connect with the latest generation of researchers contributing to solutions to the complex challenges facing our world.

From robots to nanoparticles, from prehistoric life to cultural cooking, visitors will be invited to:

    • Step into simulated labs with real-life samples and experiments
    • Join a citizen science scheme to promote cat health and welfare
    • Eavesdrop on crocodiles
    • Discover the big ideas behind tiny nanoparticles
    • Learn how to fold microscopic proteins
    • Churn butter in a Roman kitchen
    • Explore Earth before the dinosaurs lived on it

And much more!

The exhibition will also feature artist interpretations of researcher work for visitors to view and engage with, including a large-scale public installation created by a group of students in conjunction with a commissioned artist.

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What does ‘Research without Borders’ look like: workshop facilitated by the Brigstow Institute (for students only)

A student-only hands-on workshop facilitated by the Brigstow Institute offers our postgraduate researcher community the opportunity to learn about, practice and reflect on the value and practicalities of interdisciplinary and co-produced research approaches and methodology.

Students participating in this workshop will end the session by developing and designing instruments and tools that will facilitate interdisciplinary dialogues between researchers. These tools will be displayed at the Showcase Exhibition on Wednesday, May 15.

Key dates for 2019

The key dates for this year's festival are:

  • Tuesday 7 May – What does Research without Borders look like? – a workshop in collaboration with the Brigstow Institute
  • Wednesday 8 May – Creating sustainable futures – in collaboration with the Cabot Institute
  • Thursday 9 May – Digital Health – in collaboration with the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute
  • Wednesday 15 May - Showcase exhibition in Colston Hall

Last year's festival

The 2018 festival, which was our biggest and best-attended yet. Find out more about last year’s line-up. 

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