Getting here and getting started

Arrival and registration

  • Personalised email address
    As a PGR student you can change your email address to reflect your full name. The most common format is
  • Senior Residents Scheme
    Senior residents work alongside University staff to implement local rules that promote harmony in University residences. Senior residents benefit from a 75% discount in accommodation fees.
  • Family Accommodation
    The Accommodation Office offer advice and guidance on finding University-run and private accommodation for couples and families.
  • Postgraduate Network
    Bristol Students' Union Postgraduate Network run regular social events and common interest activities to enable you to connect with other postgraduate researchers across the University.

Tuition fees

  • Postgraduate tuition fees
    Tuition fees cover the cost of education and research. Wherever possible, up-to-date fees are provided with each programme entry. Fees are quoted per year and are subject to annual review so are liable to rise each year.
  • Additional fees
    Further information on continuing research fees, writing up fee, resubmission fees, bench fees and submission fees for published work.
  • Tuition fee payments
    All students, except those being sponsored by an external organisation, pay their tuition fees direct to the University. Find out about when and how to pay, sponsorship authorisation forms, and late or non-payment of fees.
  • Fees explained
    Find out why some students pay higher tuition fees than others and how tuition fees are spent, along with further information on the University’s income and expenditure.

Guidance and support

Getting to know the University

  • Professional Services
    The University's success depends in part on the quality of a wide range of professional, administrative and other support functions.
  • Education Services
    The Education Services teams are responsible for delivering services to academic staff and students in order to support the provision of a high quality student experience.
  • University governance and senior staff
    Find out how the University is governed and the committees who make key decisions about the support and services available to our students and staff.
  • Academic faculties and schools
    An overview of all schools and research centres by faculty.

Key information

Find out about the Student Services and other resources available to support you during your studies

Starting your research

  • You and your supervisor(s)
    The University Regulations and Code of Practice for Research Degree Programmes includes information on what is expected of you and what you can expect from your supervisor.
  • STaR (Skills training and review)
    Based on the relationship between students and supervisors, STaR brings together all aspects of postgraduate research, professional development, and support. Access direct links to information and booking details for all central PPD workshops and resources alongside development activities in your school or faculty.
  • Personal and Professional Development (PPD)
    Over 160 workshops, seminars and online resources are available centrally across the University to help you to manage your research project and get the most out of your time at Bristol.
  • Bristol PLUS Award
    Sponsored by local and multi-national companies, the University also offers the Bristol PLUS Award, a scheme valued by many employers as it demonstrates the broad range of skills that make our graduates stand out from the crowd.

Getting involved in University life

  • Become a representative
    In addition to Postgraduate Course Reps and Senate Reps, Bristol SU has a Postgraduate Network - a student-led initiative designed to encourage an active postgraduate student community and engage students in actively making their academic experience better. Elections for all three take place in week 2 of the Autumn Term.
  • Latest news and opportunities
    The BDC Bulletin keeps Bristol research students up-to-date with the latest news and opportunities for PGRs within the University and elsewhere.
  • Bristol Green Capital 2015
    Get involved in a range of University events and research opportunities as part of Bristol's European Green Capital programme throughout 2015 and beyond.
  • Student societies and groups
    Bristol Students' Union is host to over 300 student societies and interest groups. From Business and enterprise groups to food and drink societies, there is something to suit all interests - or you can set up your own!