Working towards graduation and beyond

Writing up, submission and publication

Exams and examiners

  • Appointing Examiners
    You and your supervisor(s) should identify a suitable Internal Examiner and External Examiner, and complete the Appointment of Research Degree Examiners form at least 28 days prior to submission.
  • The Viva - what to expect
    Hear from recent Bristol research graduates as they share their own thoughts and experiences of the Viva. Details of the Viva Voce oral exam can be found in section 9.4 of the Regulations and Code of Practice.
  • How to survive a PhD Viva: 17 top tips
    A recent Guardian Education article to help researchers prepare for the Viva experience.
  • Plagiarism
    From 1 January 2015, all postgraduate research theses submitted to the University of Bristol will be checked by a text comparison system. This is in keeping with current practice at many universities in the UK and abroad. The procedure for this is detailed in the Regulations and Code of Practice.
  • Viva outcomes
    Following the Viva exam, the Examiners may request that some amendments are made to the thesis before final submission. Find out about the difference between minor errors and errors of substance and the requirements for completing requested amendments.