Poculi Ludique Societas

An Introduction

PLS (Poculi Ludique Societas) sponsors productions of early plays, from the beginnings of medieval drama to as late as the middle of the seventeenth century, and for over four decades has been in the forefront of the rediscovery of the dramatic riches of this period

The foundations of Poculi Ludique Societas ("the cup and game society") were laid in a seminar in medieval drama given over forty years ago at the University of Toronto. A group of graduate students, fascinated by the theatrical power and the skilled stagecraft they found in the play they were required to produce as a seminar project, went on to experiment with and present more plays as an independent company.

Since its beginning PLS has been associated with the university's Centre For Medieval Studies, and maintains strong links with the University of Toronto-based research project 'Records of Early English Drama', and the Graduate Centre for Study of Drama, As a community theatre company it also reaches out to a wide non-academic audience. PLS has performed extensively throughout Canada and toured by invitation to England, Ireland, Italy, and much of the United States.

PLS has been at the forefront in the production of some of the largest-scale medieval plays and play-cycles, shows which have extended over several days and attracted thousands of spectators from all over the world.

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