School Seminar - Dr. Pieter Vroon, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. Title: What can we learn about Archean seawater from cherts?

14 November 2017, 1.00 PM - 14 November 2017, 2.00 PM

Dr. Pieter Vroon, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Room G25, Reynolds Lecture Theatre, School of Earth Sciences, Wills Memorial Building

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Pieter Vroon, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam who will be delivering the School Seminar:-

Title: What can we learn about Archean seawater from cherts? 


Archean cherts are chemical sediments which have been used to infer the chemical composition and temperature of Archean seawater. However, there are several types of cherts with different origins and geochemical characteristics. In this seminar the formation of cherts is discussed based on petrography, silicon isotopes and trace element composition and concluded that Archean cherts are not a good proxy for seawater temperature.

All staff and students welcome.  Lunch will be served in the Earth Sciences Common Room after this event. 


Contact information

For further information please contact Dr. Martijn Klaver 

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