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Microscopic, sub-volcanic visions

29 March 2012

The School of Earth Sciences has taken delivery of a powerful new type of analytical electron microscope – the first installation of its type in a UK higher education institution.

The Japanese-built FEG-EPMA (Field Emission Gun Electron Probe MicroAnalyser) forms an integral part of the suite of electron microbeam equipment in the School. The €1 million FEG-EPMA was funded through an ERC Advanced Grant to Professor Jon Blundy entitled ‘Critical Behaviour in Magmatic Systems’ (CRITMAG). The new instrument will be used to analyse the composition of rocks and minerals at a scale of a few hundred nanometers. In particular, scientists intend to unravel the complex sub-volcanic processes by analysis of lavas and ashes from volcanoes such as Mount St Helens (USA), Nevado de Toluca (Mexico) and Corbetti (Ethiopia).

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