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Ms Hannah Buckland

Volcanic ash generation and transport from large magnitude eruptions. (Supervisors: Professor Kathy Cashman, Dr Alison Rust and Dr Sam Engwell)

My research is focused on the processes that govern ash generation and dispersal from large magnitude eruptions.  I am interested in not only the intitial processes that produce and disperse volcanic ash but also secondary processes that remobilise ash in the environment.  I am interested in how we use the tephra record to reconstruct past eruptions, particularly large magnitude eruptions which we have not experienced in modern times.  My interests span from physical volcanology and petrology to landscape evolution and computer modelling.  My work so far has focused on two past eruptions; the Mazama eruption that formed modern day Crater Lake in Oregon, and the Campanian eruption from Campi Flegrei in Italy.

Research keywords

  • Volcanic ash
  • Volcanic hazards
  • Fragmentation mechanisms
  • Large explosive eruptions